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A healthy marriage is impossible without traits like integrity, kindness, and unselfishness.How can you be sure that he is really working late when he doesn’t come home until ?After all, you are both presenting the best “you,” so character flaws might be disguised in the midst of romance.Here are few subtle red flags that may signify show-stopping character flaws in a man you are dating.


So, the question becomes when does a red flag mean, “proceed with caution” and when does it signify “run for your life!

When I hear heartbreaking stories of men who become physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive in marriage, the seeds for this behavior were almost always evident in the dating relationship: He got angry when she was five minutes late.

Can you trust him to value your feelings even when he doesn’t understand you?

Character can sometimes be difficult to discern in a dating relationship.

” The most serious red flags in my book can be summed up with 3 C’s.I would rather marry an unattractive, boring man with great character than the most charming guy who lacks it.


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