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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.To the women, how would you like to be let down if you send me an email and I have no interest?Au revoir."Here is my perfect rejection letter: Dear Silent Steel, My five friends and me were having a bikini party, when we decided to get on the computer and check things out.We came accross your profile, and we all started to argue amongst ourselves as to who was gonna get dibs on you.Would you rather receive an email saying so or none at all? This is where men and women differ, for the most part.I've found it is just easier to send nothing at all. I use to send them out, letting them down as easy as possible.."Love your personality, profile, etc. If so, how would you word your own rejection letter? Most women KNOW that no response is lack of interest, and we'd rather get no e-mail than one that spells out someone isn't to us.

You are clearly the most attractive and intelligent female on this entire site, which is why you're too much good for the likes of me.We decided to have a pillow fight to settle it, and unfortunaltey I lost.I'm an idiot and a loser, and you'd only hate me if you got to know me better.So, even though I'm passing up the greatest chance of my life, I must spare myself your inevitable rejection of me, because I am also a coward.

As a guy, if you're not interested, I don't think I need an email saying so. I see both guys and women saying an email in responce would be nice. but I'm just not attracted to you." I mean what am I suppose to say? Looking back, I don't need to read an email like that. More men than women tend to want to read about the rejection directly - I suppose for these guys negative attention is better than no attention.

I agree, no reply IS a reply, which is why I prefer it.


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