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The following exquisite list houses the top 10 most beautiful Japanese celebrities in 2016.

The elegant and classy model was crowned Miss Universe Japan in 2003.

She was born on February 25th, 1978 and showed great interest in modeling.

Miyako graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Kumamoto University and is an incredible writer. This woman was fearfully and wonderfully made to extirpate many hearts.

This super hot actress and former model were born on August 22nd, 1986.

She worked as a model for a particular magazine dubbed seventeen from the beginning of 2003 until 2006 when she officially quitted.

She released five photo books and two DVDs in 2008 and since then, she has taken massive steps including appearing on a good number of magazines and television interviews.


She decided to focus on acting and played a significant role in the movie Mamiya Kyodai. Maria Ozawa is a renowned adult movie actress in her country. She graduated from Hokkaido International School and always enjoyed singing karaoke after school.She began her acting career back in 2005 after making numerous appearances in commercials.


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