Restore iphone without updating to ios 7

In this post, I will show you a 5-step instruction to help you restore i Phone bypass the update of i OS.

Now, follow the steps below to get your desired result. Backup i Phone/i Pad The whole process includes erasing all data and settings on your i Phone, so you are advised to back up the important data on your device first. And if you want to backup i Phone contents selectively, Fone Paw i Phone Data Recovery can help you.1).

Can I restore my i Phone 6 without updating to i OS 9.2?

i Tunes said it would restore and update to the latest software.

This will erase all data on your device and restore it to factory settings. Plug i Phone back to computer Once the reset process is complete, the i Phone screen will display the factory default image and show the "Slide to set up" message. Do you know other ways to restore i Phone or i Pad without updating?

I am trying to restore a set of my i Phone5C backups I made in i Tunes to my i Phone4S. I don't want to upgrade it because i OS8 on i Phone4S will almost be unusable (the current i OS7 is bad enough on i Phone4S).

Download the free trial version of the program on your computer (Windows or Mac)Windows Version Download Mac Version Download 2).


I didn't find an option that I can cancel or pass it since I don't want i OS 9.2. Usually, updating i OS to the latest version is the best solution for making full use of Apple's operating system.However there are some cases you may need to restore i Phone without updating.


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