Rich dating age man victorian england

Although the men did not always get the chance to wear bright colors, “Checks and stripes were ‘un-serious’-and regarded as the mark of a loafer or con-man” (Mitchell 134) they were certainly able to be taken seriously due to the moderately bland attire.This allowed the man to take the more dominate role in the home as well as the stronger lead in a relationship.

The upper-class man needed to focus on his clothing style.

This consisted of dark and plain colors: a hat (main display of social status), ascot, trousers, jackets, and white collared shirts.

Among the things he needed to care about were his fashion, how he spent his wages and earnings, and how he chose a wife and how said wife would play a part in his logical thinking (ranging from how he spends his money, to where he spends his time) from day-to-day.

We will also, look at if he spent his money on the poor of his day or focused on his own lifestyle.

(Mitchell 134) This dress style showed not only the man’s wealth and integrity, but his actual masculinity during this time period.Due to the many poor during the Victorian era, the “working man” had to display that they were comfortable in the clothes that they were wearing otherwise it would not show that they had a joy in wealth.


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    Recently though, as women have become more socially, psychologically, and sexually liberated, some have begun to ignore social prejudices by dating younger men, sometimes with that five to seven year age gap between themselves and their partners. If you see or hear of one of these unconventional couples, your first instinct might be to giggle and make jokes about “robbing the cradle” or “cougars,” but is an older woman dating a younger man really so bad?

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