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“But all clients, both male and female, have to meet certain criteria.” That’s right; not just any woman with a lust for luxury or any man with a bodacious bank account is allowed to join.The number-one criterion for a female, surprisingly enough, is that she must not be a gold digger. ” declares Patti Stanger, over a glistening mound of steak tartar at a coveted table at Spago in Beverly Hills.In a few minutes, legendary chef Wolfgang Puck will emerge from the kitchen to make sure all Patti’s culinary needs are satisfied.Both her mother and her grandmother were yentas, matching up everyone in their New Jersey neighborhood for free.Patti’s grandmother found her mother’s first husband for her.

But in the meantime, Patti is expounding on her favorite subject: matchmaking.Patti, the owner and founder of the world-renowned “Millionaires Club”, has a matchmaking pedigree.


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