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Monica seems attracted to him, even though they are 21 years apart in age.(Phoebe says Monica is "so much the smitten kitten.") She tries to deny it, but she is caught when revealing she has an eye appointment with him in spite of just having her eyes checked.At some point, he also met and became good friends with Jack and Judy Geller.Barbara and Richard eventually divorce, but the reason behind their divorce is never revealed.The two co-stars have been rather busy this past month - promoting the film and attending movie premieres the world over - but apart from Lily's exceptional frocks and dazzling footwear, we've also been checking out Richard and Lily's awesome chemistry OFF-CAMERA.Other celebrity co-stars take note, THIS is how it's done!

Richard is also the grandfather of his daughter's son, Henry.Season 2 Richard's first onscreen appearance is in The One Where Ross And Rachel... Monica and Phoebe make an appearance at a party he has thrown, and his reaction upon seeing how thin she is suggests that prior to this it had been years since he last saw her. Prior to any of his appearances on the show, Richard Burke was for a long period of time married to Barbara and together they had two children, Michelle and Timothy Burke. is a handsome ophthalmologist who is twenty-one years older than Monica and close friends with her parents.


Throughout the party, he seems to enjoy conversing with Monica more than attending to his party guests, all ophthalmologists.

Phoebe and Monica discuss this while he is not in the kitchen.


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