Ricky martin dating history

After five years with the group, he released several Spanish-language solo albums throughout the 1990s.

Martin split from longtime boyfriend, Carlos Gonzalez Abella, in 2014.After achieving a small amount of fame in Puerto Rico for his work in television commercials, Martin auditioned for membership in Puerto Rican boy band Menudo.Although the executives enjoyed his dancing and singing at his first two auditions, Martin was rejected because he was too short.During this performance, he inadvertently disobeyed the choreography by walking around the stage when it was planned that he would stay still, and was chastised by the band manager after the show: "The mistake was such a big deal that from that moment on, never again did I move when I wasn't supposed to move...

In 1994 he starred on the American TV soap opera General Hospital, playing a Puerto Rican singer. Following its success, Martin released "Livin' la Vida Loca" which helped him obtain enormous success worldwide and is generally seen as the song that began the Latin pop explosion of 1999 and made the transition easier for other Spanish-speaking artists to move into the English-speaking market.In late 1999, after releasing several albums in Spanish, Martin performed "The Cup of Life" at the 41st Grammy Awards show, which became a catalyst in bringing Latin pop to the forefront of the U. Since its release, the song has sold over 8 million copies, making it one of the best selling singles of all time.



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