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By the way, JR Martinez (Brot) has been doing a great job. I am thinking, looking at the history and what he has been through in Iraq, it makes him a full human being, and gives him an opportunity to shine… Goldin on frightening moments during the shooting of his TV special: “There was something terrifying in , that is in Hot Springs, Arkansas, which is cursed.

You step on something, and if nothing happens right away you think nothing of it. I went to the ER, and Jeff Gurtman went to interview this American Indian, and Jeff said, “Nothing happened to me, but something happened to Ricky,” and the American Indian said, “Nothing yet.” And something did happen to Jeff after we got home.” Goldin on new AMC’s head writers, Kreizman and Swajeski: “You know, I am getting older now. David Kreizman was there at when I was just a punk.

and what prompted him to create this road trip to the paranormal.

In addition, Ricky addressed the changes at AMC; from the move to L.

Watch the latest promo from CBS Daytime, then weigh-in on what you have thought thus far of the performances of the key participants in this story: Steve Burton, Sharon Case, and Joshua Morrow!

Even when his work appeared concentrated on his acting career – on TV, on stage and via the internet – Ricky Paull Goldin always pursued his love of the production process.

Meanwhile, I walked out of that place, and I needed 21 stitches on my face, and I am an actor. So it could be a very exciting time coming up.” Tags: All My Children, beth ehlers, david kreizman, Donna Swajeski, Jake Martin, Michael Fairman, Ricky Paull Goldin, Seeing Vs.

Believing This week on Y&R, the fallout begins on the baby Christian reveal!

How do you tell that story, and then turn down this fantastic war hero and not be with him, and be with the Jake Martin character? But it’s the best efforts, and it was a great idea.

Will Nick take his child out of Dylan and Sharon's home?

What will happen if Sharon's sordid story and her lies gets out via GC Buzz?

A., new head writers, David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski taking the reigns and what it could mean for him, and what went down during the failed storyline with Beth Ehlers as Taylor. Goldin on what went wrong with Ehlers storyline: “I will say this: they wanted to tell one of the best stories ever on daytime, they wanted it to be with Jon Voight and Jane Fonda, and then these two fall in love, Taylor and Jake.

Taylor saw her fiancée blow up, and then he shows up six months into these two getting to know one another and she is letting her guard down, and she can’t not be with him. It’s worse than raping or killing somebody on these shows, which is usually the kiss of death…While still only in his 20s, Ricky co-created, produced (along with Gabe Sachs of Sachs/Judah), and starred in ABC’s primetime summer hit, , a groundbreaking reality TV show about dating.



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