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The two subsequently engaged in a short affair, which Ally finally broke off.

Nonetheless, Greg broke off the relationship after finding out.

Ally is the daughter of George Mc Beal (played by James Naughton), also a lawyer, and Jeannie Mc Beal (played by Jill Clayburgh).

She claims to have at least one sister and one brother although neither are ever seen (not even in the occasional flashbacks). Ally attended Harvard Law School with Billy Thomas (played by Gil Bellows), with whom she had had a relationship since they were eight years old so that she could be with him.

Billy, however, left Harvard to attend University of Michigan Law School, thereby breaking Ally's heart.

The next thing the audience knows about Ally is that she lives with district attorney Renée Radick, and she is employed in a Boston law firm.


To her own surprise she found out that Billy, now married to fellow lawyer (and University of Michigan classmate), Georgia, is working at Cage & Fish.

She falls in love with him again, to the horror of Georgia. Greg and Ally got quite serious until the two were spotted kissing by Billy.

However, Ally and Georgia become friends and Ally learns to work side by side with Billy. Because Billy remained the love of her life, no relationship ever got serious until she met Dr. Billy felt so jealous that he imagined himself to be in love with Ally after which he declared his undying love for her.

She is shown as a woman who believes in love and is continually looking for her soul mate.


She often hears songs in her head and experiences hallucinations, mostly of a dancing baby, due to her biological clock ticking and of sexual endeavors with various men.

However, before anything can be done about it, Billy dies in Ally's arms in court after giving a passionate closing describing his life (though in reality he is hallucinating and describing the life he wishes he had shared with Ally.) When Georgia later asks Ally if Billy had said anything before he died, she lies to her in order to spare her feelings.


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