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In 2014, President Barack Obama awarded her a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She was the Skakels' third daughter and sixth child, having five older siblings, Georgeann (1918–1983), James (1921–1998), George Jr.

As Ethel Skakel, she was a classmate of Kennedy's sister Jean at Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart.

She and Kennedy married in 1950 and had seven sons and four daughters.

Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, a nonprofit charity working to realize RFK's dream of a just and peaceful world.

In 2009, Ethel Kennedy was among the chief mourners at the funeral of her brother-in-law Ted Kennedy.

(1922–1966), Rushton (1923–2003), and Patricia (1925–2000), and one younger sister, Ann (born February 14, 1933). Ethel and her siblings were raised Catholic in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Kennedy, who was assassinated while running for nomination as Democratic presidential candidate in 1968.

Their house, Hickory Hill at Mc Lean, Virginia, became the scene of notably elegant and exclusive parties.

Soon after her husband's death, she founded the Robert F.

in Greenwich, as well as the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan.

In September 1945, she began her college education at Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart (then located in Manhattan), where she was a classmate of Jean Ann Kennedy.Ethel first met Jean's brother Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy during a ski trip to Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec in December 1945.


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