Robert pattinson and anna kendrick dating


” The actress’ other credits include playing Cinderella in “Into the Woods,” Becca and Jessica in the “Pitch Perfect” and “Twilight” movie series, respectively.

Anna stars with Zac Efron in the comedy, Jake Szymanski’s “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” about two brothers who place an online ad to find dates for a wedding.

Known for her quirky humor, especially in her tweets, Anna will likely come up with a fun book, which is coming out in November.Who else makes you do stuff that you usually do not dare do? It means that your motivations can be a little strange. I loved the idea that this girl is good-intentioned, but so damaged. But I do feel there’s something funny about someone who is so broken that she is destroying everything around her—and she doesn’t even notice. Trying to outdo and out crazy the boys was a fun challenge. I applaud people who are brave enough to do online dating. It must set you up for years of therapy from meeting different kinds of crazy people and the rejection. Aubrey Plaza said she likes to be courted as if it were the Middle Ages. LOS ANGELES—Anna Kendrick may have named her first book “Scrappy Little Nobody,” but these days, she’s anything but “scrappy” or “nobody.” OK, at five feet two inches, she’s little.Before she turned 30, Anna already scored Oscar and Golden Globe best supporting actress nods for “Up in the Air.” At 12, she became the second youngest actress ever to earn a Tony best featured actress nomination for “High Society.


I wanted to make something that was just from my brain down to the finished product. So much of it is just due to my parents—the fact that they supported me when I was 12, when a lot of parents would think this is a phase, you are going to want to act for a month, then you are going to want to do something else. They made sure that I was exposed to different kinds of culture, art and drama. The director really got us into a place where we were just saying anything. I feel like Alice, as a character, is very broken and she isn’t very smart.

Who brings out the party girl in you and makes you do things that you normally would not do? But I will say that when we were making this movie, I definitely succumbed to some peer pressure and partied a little bit. Even though my mom is an accountant and my dad is a teacher, they exposed me to all kinds of performance art. But she has a lot of rage inside of her, just buried deep down. I would put all that stuff on the blooper reel, because I thought that was pretty funny. I have been handling rejection since I was 10, because that’s when I started auditioning.


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    I am confused, I let down my guard, prom re-enactment, wore my ACTUAL senior year prom dress, got DUMPED pretty hard. Mind architect tells her she’s not authentic, because she’s afraid that being herself isn’t enough for a dude. She says she thought if the FORCED people to love her, she’d be happy.

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