Robin thicke dating black women online dating dhaka

I felt like I was letting down my race, even though he could breakdance better than most of the black guys I knew.

Like most sistas, I’d always dreamed of falling in love with a handsome, brown king who I’d make a little black baby with – one with crazy kinky hair that a suburban bred sista like me can’t cornrow After my troubled experiences with white guys, I could hear the subconscious scream of “This is a white family” echoing in my ear. Even though, at the time, white men had treated me better than any brotha I’d ever dated.

Most folks have heard of the expression, “Once you go black, you never go back.” Ask Robert Deniro, George Lucas, Robin Thicke, and David Bowie.

They can all raise their right hands high, and sway side to side, with a smiling glow that comes after a night of passionate, “hallelujah” screaming, holy-ghost making sex that comes from a night spent making love to a sista.

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It got me thinking about not only black love, but the white kind as well.

And if you’re the right man who’s bold and brave enough to power drill down the walls we’ve built to protect our emotional fortresses from the worldly forces focused on dragging down our self-esteem and stealing our pride – then congratulations.Each of these wealthy, powerful men, believe and can affirm their addictive affinity toward dark meat.They know the power of having a sista by their side.Even though I still perked up and tried to indiscreetly stare at a tanned, Caucasian cutey in a Brooks Brothers business suit.


Many of these outlets ask why African-American men are marrying outside their race (“a growing number” according to the CNN story). ” After he confessed the blowup to me, I didn’t realize the effects it would have on my psyche.

Others wonder why African-American ladies are less prone to stepping outside their chocolate comfort zones to explore the taste of white, yellow and any meat other than the dark kind. As a result, during my freshman year at Penn State, the white boy I briefly and secretly dated never got a returned call from me after we finally slept together. I couldn’t handle the stares, many from brothas, when my Vanilla Ice looking man and I danced together.


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    "I still have credentials to observe elections," Ramirez recounted recently over a slab of steak at an Argentine restaurant in New York. In the wildly popular telenovela "Cosita Rica," Ramirez had rocketed to fame as a poor street vendor in love with two women he didn't know were twins, both played by Marisa Román.

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    Pilkington used to be a UFO-believer himself to the point where he describes himself as "obsessed".

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