Robot chat sex

China has unveiled its first interactive robot - which can chat away to humans and even take orders from i Cloud.The incredibly life-like robot has taken three years to build and was proudly showed off recently.As this astonishing video shows, she can hold conversations with humans and at one point even responds to a camera being pushed close to her face.As a member of the media holds the camera, she says: "The photo taken from that angle with make my face look bigger".She can even offer services based on cloud technology and can position herself independently. Sometime pieces of information spark new ideas and might be it turns your life, wasting time in useless information’s loses intelligence.With applications like RSS feeds and sites like Reuters, news is where you want it when you want it. Things like fiscal policies, how the NASDAQ ended on a daily basis, and the price of a dollar are all at the top of the news list.



News is more important and instant than it has ever been before.With sites like Twitter and Reddit, news happens at the pace of life, and people are more interested in news now than has ever been the case. It says that people want real news, the right news, and accurate news all the time. News Spans the Globe and More The only thing that a person needs to get fast news now is the Internet.


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    They made her look as if she inhabited an imaginary world of birds of paradise and fairies, but they were highly practical on stage: a leotard here, a floaty skirt and fringed scarf there.

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