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In his unabashed defence of the niqab during last year’s federal election campaign, for example, Trudeau gave almost no heed to the possibility there are some women who are forced to cover up, which can be acknowledged while still defending the separation of state and wardrobe.

Likewise, the Trudeau government has basically no position on sex-selective abortion, despite concerns raised by the Canadian Medical Association Journal in recent years, other than its blanket approval of a woman’s right to choose — even if, ironically, she is choosing to abort her baby for being a girl.

Canada will likely also see its new “gender neutral” national anthem soon made official, and its next representative to the International Monetary Fund will be a woman — a Canadian first.

But when it comes to the more contentious women’s issues — especially those where religion and women’s rights awkwardly intersect — Trudeau is conspicuously quiet.

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If Canada’s prime minister were a woman, she wouldn’t have been permitted where Justin Trudeau stood earlier this week: on the ground floor of a gender-segregated Ottawa mosque for Eid al-Adha celebrations.

To many, the appearance was another example of the hypocrisy of a government that talks the talk on feminism but has trouble executing “real change” — to borrow a phrase from the governing Liberals.

But on Monday, Trudeau’s gender granted him access to a spot where half the population wouldn’t be allowed to stand (unless they get special permission), not the least of which include the premier of the province, the leader of the Opposition and any hypothetical future female prime ministers.

And despite initial wavering, Trudeau’s feminist government decided to honour its arms deal with Saudi Arabia, one of the most oppressive regimes for women in the world.

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