Rock roll dating


Lucky for Paul, that first couple split and he got his chance with Grace. When they found out Grace was pregnant with their daughter, they wrote “A Child Is Coming” about the upcoming birth, which was released on their album . Paul and Grace were such a strong musical couple that Rolling Stone called them “the psychedelic John and Yoko.” But dating a rock star is always a challenge, especially when you’re a rock star. Grace later married Skip Johnson, a Jefferson Starship roadie.And yet, Grace and Paul continued to play together in Jefferson Starship.Many musicians have chosen the latter, and whether or not the relationships lasted, the music has always come first. Of course, before she and Bruce got together, Bruce met, married, and divorced Julianne Phillips, but it didn’t take long after the divorce for Patti to jump in.Let’s compare and contrast the results of some other rock musician couples: Patti was a backup singer for Bruce and joined the E Street Band for their 1984 “Born in the U. This is probably the most peaceful rock ‘n’ roll couple I’ve heard of.Other musical couples have done better, but others have done far worse. Artists tend to have heightened emotions and difficult schedules with touring, not to mention the drugs that caused the demise of so many (couples and individual musicians).So what’s better – trying to maintain a relationship with someone who might not understand your lifestyle, or trying to balance two rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles in a relationship?Jefferson Airplane was a very incestuous group from the beginning.In the early years, Grace Slick had a 2-year relationship with their drummer, Spencer Dryden, though Paul was already interested.


The two have been happily married since 1991 and have three children. Though they’ve gone through numerous lineup changes, the majority of their success came from two significant couples – both of which broke up long ago, but are currently on tour together – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine & John Mc Vie.Though both pairs split around 1976, they’ve all continued working together.On December 29, 1975, Grace Slick and Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane called it quits after 7 years, one daughter, and several albums together.The pair had recorded two albums as a duo outside of Jefferson Airplane – , which also featured David Freiberg.

There was some argument over legal issues in 2007 – Grace sued Paul over the use of their band name – but those have since been settled.

Paul said in an interview about Grace, , so at least they were working together briefly in 2008.


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