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A place we like to keep drama free, so please check out the rules for the run down. No drama please, no talk of anything that may be uncared for. You may write a thread all about yourself so long as it pertains to your writing. ONE thread please(SEE PINNED RULE), we ask only the creator manage their post.

Poke around, and hit up some members to roleplay, trust me its always welcomed. You may write about what you are interested as far as genres, acceptable mature content, likes, dislikes. Your request thread must be kept by the thread starter this means you make it you own it. Plotting is the best way to get a great story going. The only replies done should be done by the thread starter.

You may add such themes as: Slice of life, Dark, Romance, or any other historical human themed stories. Thank you all for helping to build this wonderful environment!

(AS we already have a Fantasy genre)Plot with other’s within the group SL establish things like: Relationships, Histories, Family ties, Education, and Personal character plots. Please title your post: (Title) CHARACTER NAME, (Description) GROUP SL JAYNE QUILL AVAILABLE MEMBERGROUP: ADMIN FAVORITE GENRE: MODERN OR HISTORICAL FANTASY.

The personal ad section within our Happy Hedonist site has been one of the biggest attractions for our users.

Be detailed, and put as much information you want prospective partners to know. Any connections your character has tof another In Character post can go here. Mortals, Mythical creatures, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Ect... toggle sidebar by subdevo Lastly, the site graphics were created by Hex @ DEVIANT ART @TWITTER The Dark Hour // The site was created by Hex purely for roleplay.Seven Days Hook-ups is a local online community for people interested in group sex, role playing, swinging, BDSM or other kinky stuff we've never even heard of!


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