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Her subsequent role in Vigilante Force brought her more international attention as a serious actress and a female lead.Working steadily -- but only in television -- she's been featured in many significant Hong Kong-produced series since, from comedies to historical romances.If there is an artist that you want tracked, please feel free to request.** "Limelight Years" will air on April 27 succeeding "Romantic Repertoire".--- Mainland's "The Empress of China" will air on April 26 succeeding "Smooth Talker".Tavia Yeung is an award-winning television actress from Hong Kong.She was born in 1979, and after graduating from acting school in 1998, Yeung worked her way through various juvenile minor television roles, her breakthrough came in 2000 with the role of Ah Yan in series The Awakening Story.Pierre Ngo, Rebecca Zhu, Jazz Lam, JJ Jia and Jonathan Cheung join the cast.From this series on, all series airing at the slot will air 7 days a week.

One example is the 2006 gambling-themed show Dicey Business.Yeung's performance as the sexy model and card dealer Mimi was a departure from her original more wholesome image, an evolution that continued with her cover and pictorial for the Hong Kong mens' magazine HIM in August 2006.               Come Home Love - Official Website         Master of Destiny - Official Website         Empress of China - Official Website **Please tell me if there is a mistake!Since it's way too difficult to track all artists, there will be only a limited amount listed.

With a more adult image and a wider audience, Yeung's star continues to rise with recent appearances in Moonlight Resonance, The Stars of Love, and Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

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