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I'm currently having an issue with a 3rd party control library provider.

They have an exception occulting culture that gets in the way of my general fail-fast approach when developing software.

They also won't introduce any kind of boolean flag to circumvent the behavior (less understandable).

Right now I'm uncomfortable deploying an app in which I know there's a chance for it to run in a corrupted state.

For these scenarios I have a global handler that will log the unhandled exception right before the app crashes. Since my company made a huge investment in this particular 3rd party provider (both from learning and actual code running with it), I can't just run to another vendor - much less making my own grid control.

For 99% of them the app will crash and the logs will help me figure out what happened so I can fix it.

In the above scenario though, nothing gets reported - unless I make every handlers catch / log any unexpected exceptions and crash the [email protected] When this reaches deployment stage, hopefully the known exceptions will all be handled adequately.


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