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The Paramythia municipal unit consists of 23 communities.

name of Paramythia, Ajdhonat, Ajdonat, Ajdonati and Aydonat.

The town of Paramythia itself has a population of 2,862 and lies in an amphitheatre at an altitude of 750 m, at the foot of Mount Koryla, between the Acheron and the Kalamas rivers.

Late bronze antiquities have been found in the "Tsardakia" area were a mycenean settlement probably existed.

Certain humid forests and mountains rank among the world's top 100 areas for endemic bird species, with many species of amphibians, reptiles, and plants also only specific to this region.


After her death, the original hoard was dispersed to various European collections.

Eventually fourteen of the statuettes reached the British Museum.


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