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Lincoln Younes who played Casey Braxton also wanted to get in on the action and posted his own photo which he captioned, “#Breaktheinternet Home and Away style…Part 1.” Lincoln’s image features Charles Cottier (Dexter Walker), David Jones-Robert (Xavier Austin), Andrew Morley (Spencer Harrington), Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) and Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith).The success rate for Home and Away stars making a name for themselves in Hollywood is through the roof.Stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher and Naomi Watts began their career in Summer Bay before jetting off to the City of Angels.Over the past couple of years another generation of actors have followed in their footsteps, with the likes of Todd Lasance landing the lead role in a re-make of Spartacus and Luke Mitchell managed to bag the male lead role in The Tomorrow People.Luke told New Idea, “Honestly, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life.I had the element of surprise — I didn’t tell anyone what I was planning, not a soul, not even my parents.Art also imitated life when they shared an onscreen romance on the show (they portray Romeo Smith and Ruby Buckton).When we caught up with them at the opening of Marquee Sydney at the end of March, Rebecca, 24, told us of her plans to whisk Luke away on a romantic trip for his birthday, and that’s where the proposal took place!

This weekend, everyone who has starred in Home and Away over the past five years and who is currently living in LA, decided it was time to get together for one giant reunion.Get ready for a real-life Home and Away wedding — Luke Mitchell and Rebecca Breeds are engaged!Luke, 27, tweeted early this morning, “Ok so in response to Beyonce... ” The cute couple have been dating for a few years and are often seen at red carpet events together.With so many Aussies over there now, maybe they could all get together and arrange for a Home and Away spin-off show.

Actors such as Todd Lasance (Aden Jefferies), Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith), Samara Weaving (Indi Walker), Rebecca Breeds (Ruby Buckton) and Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) attended the gathering on Saturday evening.Luke Mitchell who played Romeo Smith on Home and Away, posted a picture on his Instagram page titled, “I swear this was not planned…” For some reason, we don’t believe him.


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