Rules teachers dating parents


Creating supportive, understanding relationships with parents starts from the very beginning of the school year — even before — and requires thought and effort in designing ways to keep parents informed and involved.

Teachers increasingly must be creative in their approach to communication with parents.

Parents work longer hours and have a variety of schedules and many other commitments.

In addition, teachers must think about families — such as those whose first language is not English — who come from populations that may not always feel included in school events.

Here are 50 ways that teachers can use to build and strengthen this critical relationship: 1.

Create a welcome packet for the new parents in your class to mail home during the summer.

Parents want to know that you are a real person, with interests, hobbies, and your own family. Call home once before the start of the school year.


Tell families a little about your background and tell them why you’re excited for the new school year.Begin your relationship on a friendly, approachable level.Be as personal in your approach as you’re comfortable with.This will help in scheduling class events, parent conferences, and arranging phone conversations. Ask parents about all the caregivers that are a part of the child’s daily life.

very teacher wants parents to feel like they’re part of a team in support of a child’s learning.

Most teachers realize that effective communication with parents does not consist of a single act — such as a parent-teacher conference — but is instead part of an ongoing, two-way exchange.


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