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A few minutes ago, Marcin Momot has also confirmed that currently available The Witcher 3 mods are not compatible with the new update, and they will require new versions.

More on the matter will surely come in once more people have completed downloading the new update In case you have missed the full The Witcher 3 1.20 update notes, you can check them out right below.

Next try updating your graphics card’s drivers, or updating Direct X.

Not every computer can run every game, but you can rule out some common issues quickly and perhaps see what your next hardware upgrade should be!

Troubleshooting Checking System Requirements Updating Your Graphics Drivers Installing/Updating Direct X (Windows only)Community Q&A If you are having trouble getting a game to work on your PC, the most likely issue is compatibility.

This means that you can copy the game folder anywhere you want and launch the program directly without being online or having Steam or a third party software running.

Shut down Steam and temporarily move all the files in the root Steam folder somewhere else, and rename/delete to something else temporarily.


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