Russell simmons dating cynthia bailey


From an inside source, “marriage licenses have been applied for and they already have purchased a house and a yacht.Ciara already is living in Seattle, and she’s not getting any younger.” said our source regarding their plans to marry.The whole no SEX thing is definitely going to force their hand. “It’s a great challenge, I can definitely say that but it’s awesome because we really get to challenge ourselves to get to know each other. We are Christians and we love God and believe in God. We want to grow and build a solid foundation, that’s [sex] like a cherry on top.” And Russell previously said he hopes to get both a Super bowl ring and an engagement ring for the songstress this year.


That’s the question that’s being asked now that a report has surfaced claiming that Ciara and her baller boo have already applied for a marriage license.ladies played the game to pass the time during their road trip to Delaware's Bethany Beach, including all about her past relationship with Russell Simmons.


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