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In April 2012 I was with both womens on vacation in Israel. Her sister Svetlana had won the lottery but I had to pay all her costs for restaurant and drink. In hospital the doctor gives me infuse because I was busy to dehydrate. Once she was back she wanted to give me her own medicaments. Next day I was on the beach and saw Natali wink to a man she has met the night when I was sick?

Natali told me her sister had won a travel to Israel and ask me I would go too. Natali told me in Israel she has given all the documents we need for visa demand unto a man who work for the embassy. I became sick in Egypt and in first instance they refuse to call a doctor. I felt myself as a piece of shit and decided to run away from them.

Because of reason she had no visa we decided to go to Egypt. I look on internet and I saw suddenly her pictures and profile standing on many dating sites. I have never seen before when I searched on her name time by time on internet.

I called her for explication and she told me she didnt know about it and all happened behind her back.

I must pay for that man and he should arrange everything. I found out that the normal price for the hotel was 1.600 for 3 persons. I escape to the Egyptian man who told me everything before.

Money for English lessons, doctors, hospital, money for support, rent apartment, computer, different times money for visa, etc. Together with her sister, Natalya convinced me to buy leader and fur coats. Because of a new visa demand In 2010 I keep sent money. She was staying in my house but wouldnt sleep with me in one bed. After 2 weeks in Belgium she had to go back to Ukraine because the mother of her best girlfriend died?

Price of all the present she asked in 14 days 3.000 included little trips to Amsterdam and Germany.


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    She took a minute to breathe and try to stop the tremors that continued to rack her body.

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    Desperately I wanted to see my baby on the 12-week scan but had decided not to go for the pre-screening tests.

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    If you are 18 or older, please enter, otherwise please leave this site.

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    The day it was posted online was the day it sold out for women. Then I personally e-mailed them (after reinstating my own account—on my dime) and discussed the opportunity with each.

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