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The following information is of a general nature, based on our experience and client comments, and is not intended to describe any one particular agency.

I hope this list has helped, and has given you some insight into some possible problems.

It seems the question of possible fraud related to the search for a foreign bride is much more common than it was just two or three years ago. Why is there more doubt or suspicion now than in the past?

These are valid questions that anyone embarking on a search for a foreign wife should be asking.

Remember, the vast majority of women are sincere and really searching for someone special with whom they can share their life.

Please do not look at every foreign woman or every agency with a jaundiced eye.

I did not write to anyone else within hundreds of miles. On December 23, 2000 I received a letter by email from Natalia Nikitina.

Unfortunately, the ones that are involved in unethical behavior tend to attract the most attention, making it more difficult for the thousands of sincere women.

Mitina and Domashneva have used the following bogus agency names: Club Alina, North West Club, North Beauty, 1st Line of Love (, East Club (, Amazing Brides (ru), Amazing Bride - International Dating Club and maybe: Severyanochka Ladies Personals, Elite Dating agency More recent scam letters sent by Ludmila Domashneva have used the names: Julia Alipatova Anastasia Lopaskina Daria Romanova Around April, 2000 I wrote to a number of women in eastern Europe whose addresses I got from an agency on the internet.One of these was Natalia Minina in Severodvinsk, Russia.This article will attempt to shed some light on the subject, while at the same time helping to alert the reader to some possible red flags that they may want to watch for.I would like to preface this article by making the point that the vast, and I do mean the vast, majority of women who join legitimate International Introduction Agencies, are sincere in their search for a mate.

Just keep the points we mentioned above in mind and you should have no problem avoiding unethical women and or agencies.If you have any questions, or experiences of your own that you would like to share, please e-mail me.


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