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This is a pretty sad development considering Beadle once tried to save Cohn's life in 2011 by sucking out the venom of a snakebite on a hiking trip. Beadle and Erin Andrews can't stand each other, so it looks like it's every woman for herself in this situation.

Skip had good chemistry with Cari but she and Stephen A. In my opinion it had very little to do with the fact that Skip and Cari were in the studio together every day while Stephen A was mostly via satellite from the road.

Cari did get Smith back by showing overt favoritism to Skip Bayless who took Mayweather to task, handled her with kinder, gentler hands and even when he put her in her place did it with a bit of finesse. Now I know we live in a PC age where if you are even remotely critical of a woman it means that you hate all women.

But then, it gets personal: Retract the claws, Linda!

Since Beadle is returning to ESPN, maybe Cohn could have been a little less condescending with her answer to avoid future awkard encounteres at the company picnic. Then again, maybe she knows something about Beadle that we don't and there was a falling out.

Since it's inception I have been a loyal viewer of First Take. Although the show was doing great I never quite felt that everyone was on the same page.

There was finally someone to keep them focused, make timely transitions from one topic to the next and to put a nice, tidy little bow on the 10-15-minute blocks of banter.

Anyone who frequently watches the show knows what I'm talking about. There were times when she cut segments short with guests that Stephen A. Also, Cari would routinely read from the wrong monitor or stumble over her words. Stephen A chose to focus on Floyd Mayweather the businessman, the tactician and icon. Smith) when she began her stint at First Take that she had ambitions of one day becoming a Sports Center anchor. Because of these reasons, Cari Champion's absence will be noticed but not sorely missed.


There was a cute face and some calming energy to off set Skip and Stephen A's "Step Brothers" esque arguing style. Certainly share or get in the comment box and let me know what you think.

Smith became a permanent debater and Cari Champion joined as host, the show saw an immediate spike in the ratings. On-air chemistry is one of those things where either you have it or you don't. However, I know this article hit home with a lot of First Take fans.

caught up with her in NYC and asked her if she thought women had as much knowledge about sports as their male counterparts or whether they are relegated to sideline reporters because they can gossip.

Cohn starts off with a solid answer – absolutely, work hard, do your homework, go above and beyond.

His love affair with Floyd Mayweather didn't do their on-air relationship any favors. He just seemed to not be very fond of Cari's style of moderating. To her credit, she often ignored Stephen A's looks of exasperation, condescending tone or curt responses.



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