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In this world, Honan Academy used to be considered one of the great schools of the sport but has recently fallen out of commission.

Thankfully with the new year, an awesome trio of athletes come to the school and join the Stride Club.

OT’s, ET’s, and soundtracks can have a major impact on an anime.

They have a certain identity all on their own and they push the envelope of what can be expected from a show. However, some shows push the envelope and incorporate music more intimately through the entire narrative.

More than being just a young man of honor and competitive spirit, he also happens to be the leader of the pop idol group Galaxy Star.

It’s a huge group in this world, and it’s a group that the entire Saisei Stride Club compose using separate identities.


In these shows, there tends to be male musicians who grab our attention with either their voice or looks episode after episode.Now Prince of Stride revolves around the sport of “Stride,” which is like a mix between parkour, tricking, and relay.



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