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Description: Freelance Director of Photography/ Operator for Commercial, TV, Web, Corporate and Documentary projects. Experienced operating all camera formats, ARRI, RED, CANON, etc. 25 years shooting for local, national and international clients.Experience working with all formats from Film to Digital. Currently available as a DP/Operator targeting commercial work, branded content as well as music videos. Description: Director/DP for live event, broadcast & entertainment productions. Description: All in one truck contains everything for economical productions. Description: 33 years experience supplying creative vision and imagery through video, film and photography for commercials, corporate image, documentaries, advertising, event documentation, product demonstrations and training. Description: I'm a DP & Camera Operator with 22 years experience who recently finished shooting a feature in Cool & the 1st season of a docu-series called American Built shot in Rocklin. Description: Evan Adler is a filmmaker and cinematographer who pushes the limits for visual cinema.Specializes in digital acquisition, lighting, dynamic composition, and teamwork for commercial, narrative, and music videos. Canon C300, Sony FS7 5d, Panasonic HDX 900, DGI Ronin Gimbal. Episodic TV, Network News, High-End Corporate, Documentary, Commercials. Classically trained, They have a wide array of technical skills, lighting, camera operation, for both hi-definition and film mediums. Considered the go-to cameraman that reliably gets the job done from all angles. Description: Director of Photography/Operator (& 2nd Unit) of Feature Films, Episodic TV & Digital Cinema. Our camera people are devoted, creative, skillful and on time! Im committed to the directors vision and my work is exceptional. Full Sony PMW 200EX Production Pkg and FCP7 Editing Svcs.Has shot for HP, Saatchi & Saatchi, Toyota, The Living Legends, Ambience. We even offer Goal Zero power supplies for laptops/small electronics charged by solar panels." /Description: RED Epic, Canon C-300, AJA Cion, Canon 5D mark III, Panasonic AF-100, HDX-900, HPX-300, HPX-250,& Sony EX3. Rentals, Director of Photography, Professional crews, Demo Reel on website. Description: High speed camera, Arri Amira Camera 4K UHD, Canon C300 2 ready to shoot commercials- In House/Corporate videos, political ads, web based videos, ENG, higher educational commercials, interviews, convention videos, industrial training or manufacturing, pharmaceutical, start up company. Dallas has shoot Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Description: Greg Freeman has 20+ years experience. Description: Experienced and expedient DP for various styles and genres with an excellent eye for composition and dynamic, elegant lighting. "Fortune Hunter"(Series), "Swamp Thing"(series),"Ride" (Feature) "Gold Coast"(Feature), "Chopper Challenge"(series). Description: Freelance DP/Operator with RED Epic camera package. Description: Highly experienced with Panavision, Arriflex, Aaton, Moviecam Genesis, Alexa, Sony, Red, DSLR other digital systems. Discovery, TLC, Nat Geo, Comedy Central, HBO, ESPN, Warner, Paramount, Miramax, MTV, Levi's, Wells Fargo, Intel, [everybody]and many others. Description: Having covered the gamut of productions, I have developed an extensive knowledge of the industry.Description: Emmy-winning DP with years of international experience in documentaries, news, sports and corporate for NBC, ABC, A&E, TNT, ESPN, PBS, Fox, Google, Cisco, e Bay. shooting and lighting features, docs., corporate, educational programs, spots. Award winning producer, director & editor for documentaries & corporate image films (marketing, sales and instructional). Commercials, TV, educational, corporate, dramatic and documentary. Red Epic, Sony FS7, Lumix GH4, Canon 5D Cameras, 1.5 ton grip/electric, dollies, jib, & sound. See our website for extensive equipment list & reels. Committed to delivering solutions to maximize communication goals. His background in performing arts and dance assists him in the creative movement of how a camera can tell a story. Description: Reasonable rates for experienced DP/cameraman and crews with Red, XDcam HD, HDV, 4K, DSLR camera packages with complete ARRI lighting, grip & sound gear.Experienced RED DP, High production value on a budget Description: Experienced in corporate/ industrial, as well as documentary/ magazine style shooting. Owner of Sony PXW-FS7 (4K) & Panasonic HDX-900 with AJA Key Pro package. I mix my 30 years of experience with an open mind, good nature and a complete package of gear. Awards include Cine Golden Eagle and Nat'l Educational Film and Video Festival Golden Apple. Description: DP/cinematography services include feature film, documentary, commercial, and corporate production up to 6K acquisition. Fast primes, extensive zooms, camera motion riggings, lighting. Description: DP with Sony F55, Canon C300 PL, Panasonic P2 HD camera packages, Canon PL-mount Cine zoom, prime lenses, Cine style accessories. Films, Broadcast television, Commercials, Corporate, Documentaries. Specializing in Multi-camera, Single, EFP, ENG, Jib Owner/Operator- 40 ft. I work with clients like PG&E, Google, Vice, John Muir. Professional Crews for your Commercial | TV | Corporate Description: Art Institute, Global Cinematography Institute, Mentors such as Yuri Neyman, ASC, Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC. We also reduce the amount of natural resources consumed in every level of the production process. Over 30 years in production shooting around the world. Description: Joe Rivera provides services as a Director of photography in commercial, documentary, corporate and narrative productions. Extensive location exp., both foreign and domestic. Complete crews and packages: Panasonic AG-HPX370 P2 HD w/17x Fuji, Panasonic DVX-100B, Betacam, and DVC CAM. Strong background in lighting as well as camera work, Red S. Work experience from series television, feature films, commercials & documentaries. Description: Director of Photography/Camera Operator- film and video- SD and HD- since 1980.Description: I follow a simple belief that every project deserves to look amazing. NIKE, Samsung, BMW, NBC Comcast, AT&T, Apple, MINI, Genworth Financial, Starwood Hotels, Cisco, Symantec, FRS, Trend Micro. We even offer Goal Zero power supplies for laptops/small electronics charged by solar panels.')" onmouseout="Un Tip()" alt="All the lighting in our office/production area are LED. Greg has a eye for capturing rich and creative images on film or video, on land or sea. Considered the go-to cameraman that reliably gets the job done with perfection from all angles. Experience in a variety of formats including Alexa, RED and 35mm. Sharks, Fox Sports, Verizon Wireless, Motorola and many others. Feature films, commercials, documentaries industrials. Extensive experience in underwater, highspeed, camera-car. Technocranes, Russian Arm, Aerial, hand-held, underwater, remote-heads, timelapse. COMDescription: Bay Area based DP with a focus on commercial, corporate, and music video. Description: I'm a classically trained cinematographer based in San Francisco with experience shooting narrative, music videos, documentary, and commercials.

Handheld ENG to multi-cam, DSLR to full-size HD packages. BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, WGBH, KQED, PBS, BET, ESPN, PIXAR, DISNEY, PARAMOUNT, LUCAS FILM. Description: Own ENG package including Broadcast Beta SP camera, PD-150 Mini DV/DVCam, & 24P HDTV, Full audio package. Excellent handheld work, flexible rates, beautiful, compositions, many festival awards. Description: San Francisco based DP/Operator/Pilot. RED Epic 6K Dragon package, Mo VI M15 gimbal + Controller. Description: Experienced Dp in Feature/Short film, Commercial, Music video and Documentary, Series. I own a Red Dragon Camera and Canon C300 camera package with Zeiss prime/zoom lenses and lighting package. Feature films, Doc, TV Spots fluent in English, French, some Creole and Spanish. Lifestyle, Doc, Interviews Will negotiate to fit your budget. Description: Director of Photography shooting for branded web campaigns, corporate films, television specials, museum installations. Available for Industrials, Web, Commercials, Corporate, Music, Educational, Docs, Broadcast, etc. Description: We have affordable digital cameras, lighting and audio packages for you. Description: Experienced Shooter, DP and Awarded Filmmaker.Description: Award-winning Director of Photography. Documentaries, commercials, news magazines, corporate. Degree in TV/Film, shoot for many national broadcast clients and corperate. Description: Stephen Berke is an experienced DP and Operator based in San Francisco. I own high end digital equipment for 16:9 recording with real-time manual color correction and proper, quality stereo sound. Description: Award winning DP in Broadcast, Commercial and Corporate. GREAT CREWS with POSITIVE ATTITUDES- producers love us! Phantom Flex4K, ARRI Alexa Mini, Alexa Plus, Amira Premium, Sony F55, F5, FS7, RED Weapon, Canon C300II, Cooke Anamorphic, Cooke S4/i, Kowa Anamorphic, Leica Summicron-C, Zeiss Master Primes, Angenieux, Preston, Teradek, Movi Description: Over 20 Years Experience shooting for all the Networks. Licensed and insured pilot with Freefly Alta drone that can fly RED/Arri systems. Description: Cinematography and Camera Operators, driven to provide the best production imagery experience. Description: Experienced and expedient DP for various styles and genres with an excellent eye for composition and elegant, dynamic lighting. Clients: Ketchum, Publicis USA, Katalyst Films, National Geographic, Discovery Channels, Public Architecture, Windfall Films, Food Network, PBS, The Nature Conservancy. Our professional camera crew will shoot your project just the way you like it. Specializing in Documentaries, Music Videos, Business & Artists Promos, Narrative Shorts, Corporate and Multi-Cam shows.Description: Director of Photography for film, digital cinema, video. Features, documentaries, commercials, industrials, music video. Description: Director of Photography for HD, 35/16 and Stereographer/3D-DP; Strong Lighting & tech skills. Shot in Japan, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Australia, and US. Camera, lighting and grip available including RED Epic packages. Description: Award-winning lighting cameraman/director. My video production methods are super duper green, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free.')" onmouseout="Un Tip()" alt="I love to make awesome videos for do-good companies for those that power forward for a positive change. Description: Experienced video specialist, years of experience in almost every situation. Clients include: A&E, History Channel, ABC and many more. for Commercial/ Corporate, Broadcast/ Net Cast, Docs., Music Videos. Clients include Apple Quick Time, BET, MTV/VH1, ESPN, NBC, ABC, NHK, PBS. Professional video production services for Broadcast TV, corporate communications, & the Web. Canon C300 pkg, also shooting Film, HD, P2, XD, etc. Description: Director of Photography for broadcast, DVD bonus material and corporate television, specializing in beautiful portrait lighting for interviews. Owner of Sony FS7, Sony FS700, Canon lens kit, Pix240, Panasonic Varicam, Sony PVM-EX3, - client friendly. Multiple nationally aired television commercials/music videos, Theatrical distributed feature films. Description: Director of Photography for film and video.Owner of Sony FS7 w/ 4K, HD slo mo and Alexa-like Slog3, also Ex-1 & Canon DSLR. Description: Passionate for the craft, commitment to your project. Description: Director of Photography with feature, documentary, commercial, music video and wildlife exp. Description: Director of photography, lighting cameraman, HD Video, Film, 32 yrs exp. My video production methods are super duper green, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free." /Description: Working 10 years as a camera operator and cinematographer. ')" onmouseout="Un Tip()" alt="We produce environmentally educational work. for documentaries, commercials, corporate, and indie features. DP work: SXSW 2016 "Silicon Cowboys", 2014 Cannes FF Premiere "Red Army", Oscar nominated short doc 2014 "Facing Fear", 2013 Sundance Jury Prize, "Inequality for All", 2011 Oscar Winning Doc "Inside Job", 2011 Sundance Premiere "Mis Representation". Ive shot two features that have received national releases, hundreds of commercials earning four Emmy awards, and my documentary work has garnered a national News and Documentary Emmy nomination. Description: San Francisco DP since 1979, owner-operator F55 & F3, XDCAM F800, Pana-HDX900, A7SII - 5DMK3. Broadcast, cable, corporate and documentary production. Description: Cinematographer/Videographer/Writer-Producer. Trained by cinema-vrit pioneers Maysles, Pennebaker, Leacock. Two National Emmy Awards for outstanding achievement in cinematography. Description: Narrative, Commercial, Industrial Cinematographer and operator in the Bay Area. Description: Highly experienced with 35mm film and High Definition formats.

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