Sagittarius dating a capricorn Redclouds videochat

In his turn, the Sagittarius man is annoyed by the demands of the Capricorn woman.Physically, Sagittarius likes practicing, that's why (s)he may be very skilful and (s)he may laugh in your face, making jokes about how... This will make you mad and determine you to do only what you want to - or you won't feel like doing anything anymore unless you are advised by your partner. Sagittarius's beautiful and athletic body makes you burn.



Sagittarius' thinking can be symbolical, and you find this way of presenting ideas very interesting and... If you are interested in esotericism, you could have something in common. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but not impossible.

It is entirely up to you whether you succeed or not!

Are Capricornians and Sagittarians Suitable For Each Other? Let's say you are complementary, but only to give you some hope.

One of the main problems is that of the planets governing you: Capricorn is governed by Saturn and Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter.

Don't hope that your beloved Sagittarius will ever understand the expression "to save up for a rainy day".

As far as you are concerned, his/her joyfulness and spirit of adventure can make you classify him/her as "irresponsible".


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