Sakura dating

However, unlike some other visual novels, Sakura Spirit does not allow the player to make selections (except for one at the end), which normally allows the visual novel's plot to progress in the direction of the player's choice.

Sakura Spirit follows the story of Gushiken Takahiro, a 17-year-old boy who aspires to become the #1 judo contender to represent Japan.

Now this campaign by the Japanese government has mocked the sites in a bid to crack down on their usage.

The game is a visual novel where the player reads text on the screen combined with anime-styled artwork.

After he begins to pray for good luck in his upcoming match, he meets a spirit telling him that he is to play a vital part to the road ahead to improving himself as a warrior, and is transported to a different world, Takahiro soon learns that the fox girls are not trusted by the humans in the village, as a result of a dispute between the humans and the girls.

While this doesn’t sound hugely scandalous, they managed to rake in an impressive 10 billion yen (million or £53million) in 2012.

While the sites have been outlawed by the Japanese government, it didn’t stop one user from reportedly spending around 13 million yen (£65,000) in his quest for true love.

Winged Cloud says this latest game of theirs is an adventure of action, magic, and humor.



, players join Mikage, Kaguya, and Arisa as they train together, fight together, and come together at a prestigious academy for young aspiring knights.

It's not all that easy, though, as to join the ranks of the warrior elite the femme fatales need to overcome their clashing personalities and learn to work together.


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