Sample self description for dating


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He is self and exponentially taught as much of his real-world savvy higher education came in the form of books, audios, and videos on the subjects of life, human purpose, relationships, spirituality, sexual wholeness, sexual healing, communication, mindfulness, sustainable business and energy within the physical and nonphysical emotional bodies.

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My short self description of my own personality is: it is in my nature to love, to live, to learn, to grow, to help others, to heal, to teach, to explore, to be fascinated with the unknown, to seek compassion for justice, to love good food, to travel, to see the greatness in everyone, to find beauty in anything, to be intense and passionate with life itself.


Jeremy has a hard-core and intense approach to life and personal growth, entrepreneurship, relationship enhancement and intimacy healing.Him its more the also conspired with the if it comes down started to.


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