Sandhya and suraj dating

According to the sources, Sooraj exchange garlands with Lalima during pooja in the house and requests her to leave his house.However, Bhabho stops Lalima from leaving and refer her as the ‘badi jethani' of her other daughter in-laws.Bhabho is unable to forget Lalima's sacrifice which she did for Sooraj which makes her assume Lalima as her daughter-in-law.While, Sandhya is taken aback by Bhabho's wordings she seeks forgiveness from Bhabho, but it seems Bhabho is in no mood to forgive Sandhya. While Sooraj is in real flix on whose side should he take, we wonder will he go with his love Sandhya or will he end up choosing Lalima over his soulmate.Keep visiting this place for more updates on ‘Diya aur Baati Hum'.are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting.


The makers think that Rati's chemistry with Anas will be liked by the audiences as they have been reportedly dating.There were also rumours of Anas and Rati getting married soon!New Delhi: Leading couple Sooraj and Sandhaya have been going through a lot of problems lately in the TV serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum'.And it seems the couple won't be seeing an end to their problems any time soon.

They have been trying to add lot of characters and subjects recently, to keep the audience engaged.According to IANS report, Hitler Didi fame Rati Pandey, who is believed to be dating Anas Rashid, will enter the show.


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