Santa fe dating scene


The bar’s food can be quite good, and the drink options are excellent, but the true joy of this spot lies in the people-watching and eavesdropping.Recommended: Wellfleet oysters, slider trio, Pit Stop olive and charcuterie board, anything on tap.


In addition to a lengthy list of beers by the bottle and a shorter lineup of wines by the glass, flights are also available (with pairings by the cheese department’s mongers).Piñon Pub, Whole Foods’ taproom and eatery, offers 24 rotating beers and ciders on tap, with heavy homage paid to local breweries.In addition to a long list of beers by the bottle and a shorter lineup of wines by the glass, flights are also available.Though Lent had just begun, the atmosphere was carnival: People were wall to wall, jockeying for seats, snaking through occupied barstools to make orders, and gawking at the busy shuckers.

“These people are getting Piñon Pub is Whole Foods’ very own taproom within a store. On Sondra’s own wrist there is a tattoo of a blazing, glorious strawberry approximating the Sacred Heart of Jesus (“I don’t believe in the Christ, but I love the strawberry”) surrounded by six stars. When I myself sported a Honduran poncho with a pin as a senior at Oberlin College, northern New Mexico is where I dreamed I would go after graduation with my equally patchouli-scented girlfriend. But 16 years later, here I am, the spotless clouds embracing me, the cold desert air tingling my nose with the pine-burning scent of 10,000 expensive kiva fireplaces. Porochista calls Nouf (rhymes with “loaf”) the Holly Golightly of Santa Fe.


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