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Padmini was an Indian actress and trained Bharathanatyam dancer who acted in over 250 Indian movies.

"Padmini" in Sanskrit means "She who sits on the lotus" and refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

Thanjavur Ranganayaki Rajayee popularly known by her screen name TR.

Rajakumari was a Tamil film actress, Carnatic singer and dancer.

Even today there are many upcoming actresses in this industry.

She acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi language films.

In 1944, Rajakumari starred in the record-breaking film Haridas alongside MK.

Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and gained recognition for her glamorous portrayal.

There is some confusion about in which film she actually made her debut as Kacha Devayani's director K.

Subramaniam later insisted that he was the one who introduced her to films.


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