Saporta dating

The designer, 34, announced on her website that she and her husband, musician Gabe Saporta, 36, welcomed a son in early March.Along with a beautiful maternity portrait, Fetherston shared her pregnancy story and explained why the couple chose to be private about their baby news.“The universe has an amazing way of speaking to us, and just two days before my due date I went to a friend’s birthday party and ended up being seated next to Demi Moore!But her pregnancy was nothing like her fantasy and nothing she would want to take a portrait of.



While this was mostly for the sake of the baby, it also suited me just fine as I found myself feeling incredibly vulnerable, shy, and self-conscious during my pregnancy.” The designer and her musician husband, formerly of Cobra Starship, stayed clear of social media and the Internet but that did not stop Fetherston from participating in celebratory events.As she described in her essay, pregnancy wasn’t as all she dreamt it would be until a chance meeting with Demi Moore.


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