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Tune in and call off work because this episode is sick!

-Model-actress Julia Voth of Resident Evil fame is into cool stuff like cosplay and gaming, but what she does to pass her time at Burning Man was enough to make even Kevin blush. -Actor-comedian Ari Shaffir held nothing back on Pointless today.


In this chapter: Teslas, Hardwick's Wedding and Alison Haislip gets high-ish.-Kevin and fellow Attack producers Alex Corea, Corrado Caretto, and Jeremy Hache discuss all the makings of our new studio, plans with Twitch, the work with Comic Con HQ, and of course, memories from G4 and "Attack of the Show!


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    Season 23 continues each MONDAY at 8|7c and a brand new cast vies for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy!

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