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Sarah Louise Christine Chalke, better known as Sarah Chalke is a Canadian actress, who was born on the 27th of August 1976, and is currently 39 years of age.

She was born as the second of three daughters born to Douglas and Angela Chalke, a middle class working family who lived in Ottawa, Ontario.

Her jolly nature combined with sense of humor makes her a good company to be around with, and she always spreads positive vibes wherever she goes.

A helpful person by nature, she has a beautiful heart to go with her beautiful appearance.

She is a gorgeous blonde with her hot pair of lips and her shiny blue eyes that are very matching with her attractive face.

Apart from the face,, she also has a very strong personality and is confident about herself.

Growing up as a child, she had the talent and the dream to become a professional choreographer.

She was raised in the British Columbia of Vancouver and was educated at a local German school in her sophomore year.

Her mother who belonged to Germany and her father was a native Hawaiian, and she is a Canadian by nationality.


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