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There are definitely a couple of factors that go into choosing songs for me, and one of them is definitely listening to my fans. I gotta make sure that when I go out there I completely and wholeheartedly believe in the song, and I want to express the story just the way the artist did. Now living in Nashville, Jen spends her days as a social media strategist and her days/nights covering events, interviewing artists, and reviewing albums for Nashville Gab.

Definitely not take a song and completely change it and people hate it *laughs*.

Of course I’m thinking “Blake,” but then I thought “okay, let me listen to what the coaches had to say.” And, so, going out there it was honestly between Pharrell and Blake, but Blake was the last person to talk and he had said a lot of things that totally were perfect. I don’t know if that’s whether I’ve been in the right spot or doing the right things, but being here and working so much, especially on something you love, it’s a really cool experience. To work with Miley [Cyrus], to work with Gwen, to work with Blake. She is really excited to go back to her roots and the roots of the country music genre, and is hopeful that her choice resonates with her fans and app to log your votes, visit, vote on Facebook, and download her performances on i Tunes.

He kind of named my voice and me as an artist in the first couple of seconds of just talking, and I was like “oh, okay, it’s Blake! I’m like “let me look at this song and see what I can do and maybe it’ll actually be a really good song.” So, that’s a big factor. and she’s always telling me to smile more, and I’m like “but I’m expressing the song! I really fell in love with all the hard work, and even the times I’m really tired, I realize I’m really tired because of how much I’ve done. Thank you to Mary Sarah for taking time out of her hectic schedule to brighten up my night with her bubbly personality.

Despite all the impressive bullet points on her resume, Mary Sarah has experienced the struggles of being a female artist in a male-dominant industry.

With I had friends do it and they come back and say “I would recommend it to anybody.” And I would too. They literally care about your sleep, about your health and your well-being, and they really cater to the artist and it’s really awesome to see.


”Now, with the guidance of the four-time winning coach, Mary Sarah is performing weekly to a live audience, vying for a spot on the following show as she inches closer to that coveted trophy. looking at the comments of the songs people always want you to sing, and a lot of times I’ll see several times people saying the same song, so . Then again, you gotta think about a lot of different things. To make sure she is working the stage to her liking, Mary Sarah admits to going back to watch her performances so she can learn from what she did the week before and apply it to future shows. ” And she’s like “you just need to be a little lighter on the face,” and I look back and I’m like “she’s kind of right…” Even on notes that aren’t even hard, I’m like “ehhh! And, on a personal note, I love you to the moon and back, May Say, and I’m so proud of you! Jen is a Florida-licensed attorney with dreams of never practicing law again.

As she walks that road, you may be surprised to find that it isn’t just Shelton’s words of wisdom that play a role in the decisions she makes each week; Mary Sarah also looks to her fans for their suggestions and opinions. i Tunes, what’s the best for charting, a lot of times you don’t want to do a contemporary song that’s on i Tunes right now because people have it on their phones, and why would they buy it again? And also, you know, story songs and the songs that I connect with. Since then, especially the live stage, it took a bit to get used to because it’s a big stage and you want to work it right, and you know, hit the right points and stuff. One of the things this adorable and expressive artist has noticed about herself is that she scrunches her face up too much and can’t seem to get it under control. Originally attending law school with the hopes of working in the music industry, Jen found her niche after her degree was hung on the wall and she decided to pursue country music writing/journalism instead.


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