Scorpio dating taurus internet dating movie trailer

Do you gravitate towards them for some unexplained reason?Does the Scorpio man you are involved with cause confusion because of his odd behaviors, such as being passionate with you one minute and seemingly disconnected the next?At the end, I will discuss the hard science behind the Scorpion personality, which is based in astrophysics and has nothing to do with Greek or Roman Gods. These traits listed here highlight the “good and bad”. As one, however, I can tell you that it is a sword that cuts both ways.When we in a relationship with you, particularly at the beginning, you will experience our singular, passionate, laser-like focus.Other zodiac signs who are romantically involved with us, however, mistake our cool distance for ambivalence. We will walk over hot coals for you when we are in love but it is a struggle for us at times to show emotions because of other things going on inside (see negative traits).Scorpion men are curious and logical, which can be a positive and negative thing.On the one hand, we have this unique ability to deconstruct a given issue or dilemma, similar to how Spock from Star Trek may approach a certain problem.



Our sexual energy is palatable, magnetic and at times overwhelming. When we are in a relationship with you, we are also very intuitive and empathic.

meaning what is causing you to behave in the manner that you do.

If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place.

I am a Scorpio man and I'm going to reveal some very well kept secrets about this astrological sign.


I will give you the positive and negative traits for the Scorpion male you are so curious about.

Along the way, I will throw in a few tips and warnings that will help you to better understand why your man may be acting the way that he does – which no doubt can be difficult to figure out! First, let’s start with the basic positive and negative traits.


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