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This time around a Scottish Highlander and an English rose are forced to marry by the order of the king and their fathers.Duncan Mac Thomas is forced to marry Catherine Gillingham but he doesn't have to like it!She is everything his heart and soul needs but he pushes her away from a past that has scarred him deeply.

Treachery is afoot when someone from Duncan's past comes after Catherine and the battle between England and Scotland heats up again, this time with deadly earnest.Will Catherine lose HER HIGHLAND ROGUE after all that happens or will they finally find the strength to admit their love to each other? Burroughs weaves a wonderful tale set in a time when Scotland was fighting for its freedom from England and England's swift retaliation.This is a highly emotional book set at the time of Robert the Bruce.The well-drawn characters are too proud to bend to their emotions, putting their relationship constantly at risk, notwithstanding the outside threat.

Four Stars Scotsman Duncan Mac Thomas is ordered by King Edward to marry Englishwoman Catherine Gillingham.

Abused as a child, cuckolded and deserted by his first wife, Duncan wants nothing to do with remarriage until he gets to know her. Catherine reluctantly marries this stranger, but proves herself an able wife.


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