Screenupdating excel macro spencer duhm dating

This method which we are going to discuss today is recognized as one of the basic and the most important method for making the code efficient.The parameters which we are going to learn are regarding application.screenupdate. application.screenupdating = false Is jut used to turn off the screen flickering which will make the code to run faster and it is used to speed up the performance of the macro alone I mean I have written a code for Worksheet_selectionchange event.In that code if we select the targeted cell then it will call some macro in it.It is not required to turn on screen updating after writing of code is over as it would by default automatically gets turned on.But just in case if you want to display a message to a user saying " the command is executed" or want to display a userform etc.


What i do is i always turn it on once my work is done.2 questions you need to answer as a part of survey.Like you me too don't know the solution for this Please post a sample workbook with all the code; no pictures please.Screen Updating = False doesn't work when you step through the code.

So every time when I select any cell in that worksheet the screen flickers. Sometimes me too experienced that with Worksheet Events but adding that screenupdating = false code made it to flicker even more with the Worksheet Change Event.

So I just stopped using screenupdating = false with worksheet events.


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