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Peter Mc Kenna, chief executive of Croke Park - who is on the new committee - said he would like to see an agreement that covered “every day of the week, not just events’ times”.

Describing the events of the summer, where 400,000 tickets for five Garth Brooks concerts had to be refunded after 300 objections from residents, as a “fiasco”, Mr Mc Kenna said a “lot of harsh lessons” had been learnt.

Croke Park has planning permission for three concerts a year and Mr Mc Kenna said there were no plans at present for any more in 2015.


Its first meeting took place at the Mansion House on Tuesday night.Mr Burke said he hoped a “breach-proof” agreement covering all areas of dispute - which may have to be seen by the Attorney General - would be arrived at by the end of June.It would provide agreed ‘rules of engagement’ between the residents and Croke Park, on such issues as noise control, crown control, litter collection, post-event clean up, stewarding, policing, consultation mechanisms, and complaints and grievances procedures.He said to work, there would have to be a monitoring committee liaising between parties ensuring it was being adhered to.


Meanwhile, a working group has been convened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin and Minister for Tourism Paschal Donohoe in a bid to restore relations between the GAA and residents living around Croke Park stadium.

Initiated by Mr Donohoe following the debacle of the five cancelled Garth Brooks concerts this summer, the 20-strong group is chaired by the Lord Mayor Christy Burke.


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