Sedating a dog for travel

After all was said and done I finally figured out one great truth, "traveling with your dog on an airplane can be very stressful and confusing, your planning and information gathering will pay off great dividends in the long run". Do I have to purchase a dog crate or dog carrier that has been approved by the airlines; dogs airline carrier or crate fit under the seat in front of me;..I ship my dog as cargo, will my dog transport crate meet the approved dimensions; dog be allowed out of its airline carrier during the trip;..will the temperature be along the route.

If your dog can't travel in the cabin with you because of size or if the airline dog carrier is too big, then they can be shipped as checked baggage and another size of dog crate can be used.

We "dog lovers" are always looking for ways to make our pet owning and loving experience, better, for us and also our pet.

You know how wonderful it is to come home and find your "furry friend" waiting at the door all excited and waggley, just because you are back home, at last (even if it's only been a few minutes).

Photo by Bob Schroeder After one or two trips with my dog on an airplane, and having botched up the whole thing in a big way I decided to finally try to figure out the process of airline travel with dogs and what I had to do for my own sanity and for the comfort and safety of my dog.IN THE CABINPets that will be traveling in the cabin may require a reservation.


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