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Some people find that simple changes to their daily routine can help with insomnia.

The following actions may help you sleep better: Your doctor may recommend a prescription medicine to help you sleep if your insomnia interferes with your daytime functioning.

Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of taking prescription sleep medications.

Some sleep medicines can be habit-forming and have serious side effects.

Some treatments require medication, while others don't.


Over-the-counter sleep aids aren't a solution for long-term insomnia.

Some are meant only for short-term use, while others are safe for longer periods of time.

Popular types of prescription sleep medications include: Which medicine your doctor prescribes will depend on your insomnia symptoms.

Herbal products and hormones are often used as sleep aids.


Some people prefer to treat their insomnia without medications. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a method of treating insomnia that focuses on changing habits and factors that may be giving you sleep anxiety.

You'll meet regularly (usually weekly) with a sleep specialist who will help you change the way you sleep.


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