Senior women dating naked


But 26 percent of women and 28 percent of men used the more traditional "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."Spielman says: There are no great alternatives here.

"I know one couple that uses 'fiance' and they've been engaged for 12 years," Spielman said.

About half of senior women said a sense of humor was very important to them, the most common response. What do you call the person you're shacking up with when you introduce them to your friends, kids and grandkids?

Survey says: "Significant other" is the most common term for mature couples, cited by 49 percent of women and 56 percent of men.

Although his research hasn't (yet) led him to the new love of his life, it has landed Spielman on national talk shows and promotional tours. "It really is an interesting, worthwhile project."So what about dating by the numbers? Spielman says: Concentrate on the neck up when it comes to first appearances. It never dies."How many dates are required before I can pop the question: Let's get naked?

"A smiling face is a big, key attracting element."Gee, we've just finished our meal. Survey says: 92 percent of senior men say they pay for the first date, and 80 percent of women expect them to. Survey says: Senior men said three was the magic number, with a response of 32 percent.

The retired co-founder of Mc Collum Spielman Worldwide, a research company whose clients were Fortune 500 companies, applied his skills to tackling some of life’s more complex questions that he unexpectedly found himself facing. For his market research, he spent 0,000 on sophisticated surveys that included 1,000 men and 600 women, all older than 55. Second highest for genders is smile: 30 percent of women, 29 percent for men.


But 19 percent of women said they go dutch the first time out, as compared with 6 percent of men. And 18 percent said they were ready to go on date one. Half of them want to wait until the fifth date, with only 2 percent saying they would go to bed on a first date.Spielman says: Women who offer to pay their way the first time out may be doing so for two reasons: They want to show their independence. Spielman says: "We were surprised we got any mature women who wanted to go to bed on the first date, but I guess we shouldn't have been." He is convinced this three date-five date disconnect is why many older men move on, convinced they'll never get more than a peck on the cheek when all they might need is to wait two more dates."The man needs to be patient," Spielman said.


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    Backdating is legal so long as it is disclosed correctly.

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    The Conscious Dating Network has been helping conscious singles meet their beloveds since 2000 and we focus on incredible member support and member success... We are constantly upgrading and adding new features to the site to keep up with technology and provide our members with the newest, most efficient avenue to meet other conscious, green singles.

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