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magazine, and the timing couldn't be better, as she will soon be defending her title when she fights Holly Holm in Melbourne in November. News, the 28-year-old mixed martial artist opens up about her forthcoming fight, her newfound friendship with Serena Williams as well as the rumors about her dating life."I'm the champion for a reason," Rousey tells us, remaining confident that she will beat Holm.In particular, the media and fans alike analyzed rapper Drake's appearance at her semifinal and even hounded him for "cursing" Serena's potential Calendar Grand Slam.The two dated in 2011, so relationship rumors heated up even more when the rapper appeared at Serena's show at New York Fashion Week on September 15th.

Several media outlets claimed that they were engaged, and when that idea was debunked, they announced that Serena was pregnant with Drake's baby.

Finally, an insider once again squashed the rumors, saying that Serena's withdrawal from year end tournaments was based on the need to de-stress and regroup.

Wikipedia lists Alexis’s height as 6’5”, but to be real, even that sounds like a lie.

Since Serena Williams' semifinal match against Roberta Vinci in this year's US Open, rumors about her love life have been tossed wildly about by various media outlets.


They may have been together at the Inside Nike's Playbook event in New York on November 11. Black Excellence Of The Supreme Order @Serena Williams.

Perhaps we'll be seeing more of Alexis in the near future! ・・・ Thanks boooooo :) repost: Folks, The Great, Majestic, Soulful Sista Serena Williams.


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