Sex cam uorope

Three years earlier, Tipurita had filmed the boy living in a cardboard box with only a sweatshirt to wear.

Laurentiu and his friends have a precarious existence.

His clients came from throughout western Europe—Britain, Holland, Switzerland.

He boasted that he had even supplied boys to a German judge. In one district of Italy’s most prosperous city, the film showed how Romanian boys, some as young as 10, were being pimped for underage sex, often by their own fathers, brothers and cousins. Suddenly, a police car drove by, but they were only interested in looking for “illegal immigrants,” Tipurita commented.

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe estimates that 200,000 individuals are trafficked annually from eastern Europe, a significant proportion being children.

“Tom,” from Britain, had originally come to Bucharest in the aftermath of the collapse of the Ceausescu regime to work in an orphanage.

Using hidden cameras, Tom was shown discussing his Internet business—a web site offering to introduce men to Romanian boys.


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