Sex chat conversation for male

This is a great site that i found using Stumble Upon. You: then 'her' big hard penis slaps you in the face.. (no sex, honest x D) Stranger: female Stranger: grr Stranger: im horny , why no sex ? You: because text does not arouse me lol Stranger: grr Stranger: so wht ? Stranger: oh god , so sexy Stranger: not important Stranger: grr You: lol i'm certain there are plenty of 'men' on here who'd love to hun, i'm just not one of them ^^ You: if it helps You: i'm also sure they all have '13 inch penises' You: rather than my average sized one x D Stranger: i dnt care abt tht Stranger: to tell you the truth , i love small ones You: well then either way you're screwed x D You: as all the guys here will have massive ones, and mine isn't small You: maybe a pocket dildo will suffice?

You get connected to a stranger and can chat with them one on one. ---------------------- You: heyey Stranger: hey Stranger: male ? You: as much as i enjoy literature Stranger: you wnt real sex ?

Here, the sex identification is taken as a base study in the information mining in chat mediums.

This system acquires data from a chat medium, and then automatically detects the chatter’s sex from the information exchanged between chatters and compares them with the known identities of the chatters.

The system with the semantic analyzer has achieved accuracy over 90% in the sex identification in the real chat medium.

ABSTRACT: Mining textual data in chat mediums is becoming more important because these mediums contain a vast amount of information, which is potentially relevant to a society’s current interests, habits, social behaviors, crime tendency and other tendencies.

To do this task, a simple discrimination function is used to determine the sex of the chatters.


Finally, results show that the proposed system has achieved accuracy over 90% in sex identification. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.

I'm sure it's a great way to meet new people but, me being me, I've only used it so far to take the p1ss ^_^ It is of course full of perverts as well, which i think is part of it's charm.

Here, sex identification is taken as a base study in information mining in chat mediums.

In order to do this, a simple discrimination function and semantic analysis method are proposed for sex identification in Turkish chat mediums.

Chat mediums are becoming an important part of human life in societies and provide quite useful information about people such as their current interests, habits, social behaviors and tendencies.In this study, we have presented an identification system to identify the sex of a person in a Turkish chat medium.


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    Remember that this is a non-adult category with no sexually explicit behavior.

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    Do not fall in love after seeing the photo of someone, but are not willing to let others know you.

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    REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money.

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