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Her live webcam ‘room’, complete with real-time comments from the room’s visitors, was projected on a screen behind them.

To the users of the site she initially appeared no different from the average webcam performer, coyly interacting with the visitors’ comments.


Local artists of any kind are invited to join them and perform in the space and/or interact with observers online, allowing them to explore/experiment with the medium.

The room URL will also be posted (with appropriate content warnings! Please check that you’re comfortable broadcasting in this space before emailing us!

The piece was soundtracked by Jake’s manipulation of audio streams sourced from recordings of chat rooms and, as the audio built in rhythmic intensity, her movements form into an abstracted, frenetic dance that moved between being playful, seductive and unsettling.

At the finale of the piece the cam was turned on the audience, revealing to the site’s users the context of what they had just been a part of.

If you’re interested or have any questions mail Jake on mrjakeone [at] The original Chat Room was a live performance / dance piece by Jake Williams and Rebecca O Brien.


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